Phone (512) 710-6160
Phone (512) 710-6160
Protection you Need. Security you Trust. Phone (512) 710-6160 Email: License#B07347501
Protection you Need. Security you Trust.Phone (512) 710-6160Email: ursecurewithmnr@gmail.comLicense#B07347501

Protection You Need & Security you Trust



Our Client's peace of mind comes from knowing that their assets, property, and lives are being protected.  Private security is the only alternative for providing the uniformed presence that is known to deter crime. A uniformed presence will help reduce costs associated with theft, and vandalism. We will protect your interest while you enjoy your event.








Entry Security

    Event Security

ID Card check


Music Venues

Parking Lots

Private Events


And Weddings


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Non-commission security guards are recommended when a threat level is low. Situations that may require one of these officers may include entry access control (i.e events, parking lots, and traffic control) or surveillance work. If the threat level is low, a non-commissioned security officer may be best suited for your needs.


Commissioned security officers are authorized to carry firearms. These individuals have completed advanced security training and are often hired to protect money, expensive items, personal property or high-security locations.  A commissioned security officer may be the best choice for your business. 

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